Obvara-fired Biomorphic Form 1

Every Biomorphic Form is hand-built using a combination slabbing, pinching and coiling techniques.of paper-clay.  My paper-clay is made from a mixture of clays mixed with paper pulp made from toilet paper. This makes the unfired pieces stronger, allowing for thinner clay to be used. The paper burns out during the bisque-firing (first), leaving the finished clay pieces lighter.   The pieces are then finished using copper carbonate and fired a second time to around 1140C.  No two pieces are exactly the same.  The obvara pieces are fired using a technique I learned in Belarus in 2009, where a hot piece is taken from the kiln at around 800C and dipped into a mixture of yeast, flour and water and directly into cold water.  See my Blog for more details.


Additional information

Weight 970 g
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 6 cm