Meditation Mat

Handmade felt meditation mat with detachable, vegetable-tanned leather straps.

Three layers thickness of 100% sheep’s wool.



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Felt meditation mat with purple spiral and zigzag motifs on brown background and detachable leather straps.

Ideal for meditating while sitting cross-legged or in the lotus position, a meditation mat will keep you warm so that you can focus all your attention on your practice.

Hand-made from 100% sheep’s wool, with vegetable-tanned leather straps, secured with press studs, to roll up neatly for storage, or for carrying around.

To clean:   Photograph the front and back of the thonging before undoing it to remove the leather straps.  This is for reference for when you replace the straps.  Hand-wash the mat in lukewarm water.  Place in a pillow case, or similar, and rinse and spin in a washing machine.

Do not wring.  Replace the straps using your photograph as a guide.


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Weight 512 g
Dimensions 62 × 72 cm