MOSAICS – Joan Casey

I love the strong, vibrant colours of vitreous glass, mosaic tile!  Much of my recent, functional work, for example, teapot stands and mirror frames are rendered in this medium.

I also use glazed ceramic tile, which again comes in many colours.  I break and cut this up to create very different mosaics to my functional pieces.

I suppose my initial inspiration for this type of mosaic was the work of Antoni Gaudi of Barcelona, but there are many other exponents of this art.

Broken tile mosaic lends itself very well to community projects, street art, garden installations etc. and I’ve also done commissions for awards in this way.


jane casey mosaic blog image1   jane casey iwu mosaic blog image


The long, crescent-shaped mosaic and the round mosaic you see above, take their inspiration from the Sun, Moon, stars, the Milky Way and Saturn and are part of an installation I did for the schoolyard at the National School, Coolnasmear, Co. Waterford a few years ago.  The plaque was a commission from the Independent Workers’ Union to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1913 Dublin Lockout.

For more information or to see examples of my mosaic work visit the Market House Craftworks shop page here.