Over Under by Weaving Works

Weaving Works is a group of four weavers based in County Cork. They have exhibited together many times, to show contemporary work using the traditional technique of tapestry weaving. As individual artists, they also work in different mediums, including painting, print and sculpture.

The title, Over Under, draws attention to the centrepiece of the exhibition. Three large tapestries depict elements of climate change, showing how the planet has been over exploited and is under threat. These works include references to people uprooted, looking for a better place to live, the ravages of wildfires due to extreme heatwaves, melting ice, rising sea levels, and loss of biodiversity. They convey the starkness and magnitude of the climate crisis that we are all facing.

The three large tapestries are hanging alongside a selection of tapestries inspired by different themes by the four members of Weaving Works: Tish Canniffe, Pascale de Coninck, Frances Leach and Heather Underwood.