Back in 2014 the three of us were involved in a pop-up studios and shop space in Lismore, Co Waterford – “The Lismore Craft Collective”. This was a temporary pilot scheme run with the help of Lismore Heritage Centre. At the time we weren’t in a position to continue after the trial period, but in November 2019 we came across the Market House in Cappoquin, Co Waterford and fell in love with the space, even though it was a bit neglected and had been empty for over 7 years.

We negotiated a 3 year lease with Cappoquin Estates and they began work on renovating the space. We signed a 3 year lease on 1st March 2020 – not great timing on our part, as due to Covid-19, our plans to open were put on hold until 8th June.  We spent the 3 months we were closed, building up stock and adding finishing touches to the completely transformed building.

Downstairs we have an open studio space for each of us along with a retail area and upstairs we now have a beautiful gallery space where we managed to hold 3 very successful exhibitions during the time we were able to be open in 2020.  The plan is to hold a new exhibition every month when the situation allows.