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Published on 4 February 2021 under Blog Topic - Ceramic,
I was very excited to see obvara featured on The Great Pottery Throw Down recently.  I first heard about Obvara at a ceramics symposium in Belarus in 2009 – I found it fascinating and loved the immediate effects of this technique.  I shared a few images of some of my obvara fired pieces...

THE LONG TALE OF CLAY pt 2- Jane Jermyn

Published on 3 February 2021 under Blog Topic - Ceramic,
“The Long Tale of Clay” Pt 2 was a continuation of an idea from 2017 when I organized the first exhibition for St Carthage’s Hall for Lismore Castle Arts. The show was due to run from mid-October till Christmas Eve, but due to a second lockdown we only managed 1 day before closing for 6 weeks!

MOSAICS – Joan Casey

Published on 3 February 2021 under Blog Topic - Mosaic,
I love the strong, vibrant colours of vitreous glass, mosaic tile!  Much of my recent, functional work, for example, teapot stands and mirror frames are rendered in this medium. I also use glazed ceramic tile, which again comes in many colours.  I break and cut this up to create very different mosaics to my functional pieces.

WHAT IS FELT? – Joan Casey

Published on 3 February 2021 under Blog Topic - Felt,
WHAT IS FELT? Felt is tangled wool or hair and felting is a natural process that occurs unaided by the human hand - just think of what happens to your hair if you don't brush it!  The felt-maker takes this natural process and manipulates and refines it to create a strong, dense fabric that has many uses.